Garage Door Repair

Kimi Garage Door Repair is the top-notch choice of garage door Repair Company in La Porte and its surroundings. When it comes to garage door repair services, we make sure to offer the highest quality, which is why we have gained the best reputation and experience. We are the company to call and trust. If you need the same day or professional services, we are the best choice and reputable operation in the area. We can provide prompt repair service at a low and affordable price.
Our team specializes in fast, affordable repairs that quickly get you back in business. We use high-replacement parts that are guaranteed to last. Some of our competitors may offer affordable services to impress their customers, but the service quality is low. We use high-replacement parts that are guaranteed to last. Some of our garage door repairs include broken springs, loose garage door cables, noisy opener, safety eyes misaligned, wall buttons or keypads not working, and remote not programmed. There are so many reasons garage door repair is our specialty. We offer same-day repairing services with an excellent reputation and unsurpassed level of expertise in garage doors with years of experience.
Kimi Garage Door Repair always emphasizes regular garage door preventive care and maintenance to keep your system operating smoothly for many years. We inspect and adjust the garage door system to save you from costly and unexpected breakdowns by recognizing the potential problem areas. We recommend the check and balance to maintain the garage doors properly and can set up a regular maintenance schedule.
Your garage doors can malfunction and stop working at any time. When this happens, you need someone to depend on to provide prompt and reliable service. We are available when you need us the most. Garage doors allow warm or cool air to escape from the home and make it easier to unauthorized access. Repairing the garage door is essential because we detect the problem. An unattended repair job can get worse and become expensive. Get us hired for the best garage door repair services.

Garage Door Openers

Kimi Garage Door Repair is a top-notch garage door opener repair and installation. We have installed thousands of garage door openers and know precisely how to get done with the job. We know how to fix them competitively and tune them to adjust them. Our team ensures you get the lowest price on garage door opener repair so you can experience the best services. We can quickly repair of existing garage door opener and replace it. Get the assistance of our experts, and we will come to your space to prevent and fix the problem quickly. We service and repair all openers as well. It can help to prevent further damage to openers of the doors. They provide convenience, security, and added value to the home. We have highly trained technicians who can repair and upgrade the garage door opener. Our team can advise whether the existing opener needs to be repaired or install a new one. We offer garage door openers with electrical and mechanical components. Kimi Garage Door Repair ensure they are not misaligned and working properly. Companies make sure to operate the garage door perfectly throughout the year. We pay more attention to fixing all these issues. Our company is known for performing detailed inspections and tightening the chain or belt drive to lubricate the drive chain. We are just a call away, so all garage door opener repairs or installations are repaired for long-lasting garage door functionality and efficiency.

You will have the following options for selecting garage openers:

Chain Drive

Chain drive garage door openers use a metal chain to operate the mechanism that opens and closes the garage door. These openers are affordable and reliable options, but you need to consider the noise factor.

Belt drive

These garage door openers use a rubber belt to open and close the garage doors. We recommend belt drives because of smooth motions and when the trolley moves over rubber, not metal. This is the option that requires little maintenance.

Screw Drive

A screw drive garage door opener uses a steel rod to open and closes the doors. The screw drive has few moving parts and can be easily maintained for many years.

Direct drive

Direct-drive openers are one of the best options for homeowners. It’s easier to use, and the motor opens and closes the garage doors. Direct drives are perfect for any size of garage.

Garage Door Installation

Kimi Garage Door Repair strives to be a top-notch garage door installer. We are providing help to get the quality of garage doors. We install garage doors of superior quality, and it doesn’t matter how big or small the job is. When you work with our garage door team, you can expect an ideal finish to enhance the curb appeal.
We offer the finest, most innovative residential and commercial garage doors. Finding the ideal combination of function, aesthetics, and affordability won’t be difficult. We want you to be fully satisfied with garage door installation or repair. You can expect a securely installed garage door and professional service. Count on our experienced team to provide exceptional service and quality products for all building and remodeling needs.
Whether you are looking for a vintage-style carriage house door or streamlined aluminum and glass modern door, we have the right door for you. Once you have chosen us for the door, we can customize the requirements to fit in perfectly with existing décor by offering the best options, including different styles or finishes.
We are confident to help you with the trained garage door installation. Kimi Garage Door Repair is happy to serve you with the best quality doors.